Friday, January 29, 2016

8K; doctor visit

This morning I did 8K, slowly, but with very little "pain in the butt". The pain was maybe 1/10, and though I went slowly, I enjoyed myself and felt better than yesterday. I took both dogs, and Powder was a bit skittish and sometimes slow, but mostly behaved herself. They need the exercise, so it's good to take them out. I didn't try at all to push my pace, but I did do my glute exercises before starting and thought a lot about using the right muscles and having the right posture, for what it's worth. Garmin data here. 6:58/km with ave HR ~138 according to my Fitbit (forgot to wear my Garmin HR strap).

At 8:45am I had my doctor appointment. Dr. Powell (sports medicine doc) remarked that it's been 3 years since I've seen her, and congratulated me on staying out of her office :). I had to admit that it was mostly because I haven't been able to train hard because of the fatigue/muscle soreness issues. Oh well. Anyway, she examined me and said she thinks it's one of 3 things: 1) proximal hamstring tendinopathy (what I think is most likely), 2) bursitis (there is a bursa near the ischium), or 3) stress fracture. The treatment is different for all three: 1) run clinic, 2) cortisone shot, 3) rest. So she has ordered an MRI to see which it is so that we can get moving on training again soon. The MRI is scheduled for next Wednesday, so stay tuned. Hopefully I can get this behind me quickly, pun intended :).


Harriet said...

I hope this goes well for you.

Sarah R said...

Hoping its not hamstring tendinopathy, cause that's what I've been dealing with for 5 years. Unfortunately it's common in racewalkers. I've tried everything, and nothing is working anymore. I will cross my fingers for you. I'd like to go to Perth, and am thinking of putting my name in to be the Team Canada manager, and then just do the 10K walk (and try not to care how slow I am).