Tuesday, January 26, 2016

slow is OK; fast not so much

I racewalked outside today, very slowly. When I tried to push a little faster, even for short periods of time, it started to hurt more, so I backed off. Slowly, at 7 min/km, it was OK, with pain not exceeding 1/10. That's something, anyway. It seems like it's been so long that I wonder if I'll ever feel "normal" again. It's hard to even get out there and walk, knowing that it will probably just hurt and leave me discouraged. I want to get ready for Perth and build a good, solid base. I want to do a marathon or a 50K again.

Oh well.

Today's slow walk: 7:06/km with ave HR 135; only did 4.45km. It was cold at 19F (-7C) with wind chill of 9F (-13C). The dogs both came along and Powder actually behaved herself :).

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