Tuesday, January 19, 2016

trying to stay positive; 5.5km

Yesterday: Well, Sunday evening my pain was definitely worse even though the 6K itself was pretty low pain. Had Loren massage it but I think that might have made it worse? So yesterday I just did 40 min elliptical.

Today: I really wanted to RW and the pain was better so I went and did it. Pain levels were 1-2/10 (as they have been) while walking and so far it doesn't feel worse afterward (it's lunch time now). I don't know if walking on it is a good idea, but I can't stand not walking. On the other hand, if it's slowing my recovery I shouldn't do it. I just don't know. I am going to the ART guy again today and that should help.

I was kind of slow today, but some of that was due to icy conditions. It was deceptive. It looked fine out there but there was a lot of black ice. For those in warmer climates, black ice is icy spots on black pavement, and you just cannot see them. It's very dangerous when driving and also when walking. It was slick enough in a lot of areas that I didn't have good toe-off. Otherwise it was OK; if I'd have known I would have walked indoors but even with the ice it was good to be outside. It was 30F (-1.1C) so it wasn't horribly cold and that helped. Of course I was also only out for 40 minutes or so.

Total time 37:56 for 5.5km for 6:53/km with ave HR 142.

I'm feeling a bit down. First world problems, I know, but...still problems. Pain in butt, can't train, cold icky weather, weight gain, eating too much. I should work on the food because that'll help me feel better long term, but it's challenging and more so when I'm feeling down because I tend to comfort eat. I probably need more sleep, too...hubby's alarm clock went off at 5:30 am (he forgot to turn it off from Saturday when he had to get up early for Calvin's First Lego League competition) and that was annoying. Arrrgh.

OK...what can I do to help? 1. Eat well. 2. Sleep well. 3. Do some Pilates and/or my Yoga For Runners DVD. 4. Try to go easy on myself. 5. Think positive and long-term instead of negative and short-term.

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Harriet said...

Ah, the dark days of cold, ice, general yuckkiness made worse by injury. I can see why you might be down.