Monday, January 04, 2016

7900m indoor track; tough going

This was tough going, but I got it done.

Saturday I did the elliptical for 30 min and walked the dogs in the neighborhood. Sunday I cross-country skied with Calvin for 1 hr 20 min; he is not fast yet so we only did 6K, but it was fun. I do think that it fatigued my glutes though, because they were tired today. Well, as long as I can still get my RW workouts done, it's OK I guess. Though I probably won't do much skiing for a while since we're back to school/work/etc. and I won't have time.

Today my legs just felt "off" for the first several laps, and my piriformis and other muscles were particularly whiny in my left side. It wasn't acutely painful; maybe 1-2/10 at most, but it did bother me no matter what I did. I concentrated very hard on my form and went really slow, so that much was good, and it doesn't seem to be any worse now for having done it. But I will admit I'm concerned that it's not feeling good today. If things aren't feeling a good deal better by the end of the week I may have to consider taking a few more days off RW to let it heal up, though like I said it may be exacerbated by the x-c skiing, so I want to give it this week to get better first.

I felt pretty down when I realized that my injury was still nagging so much. I tried not to let my mind wander but will admit I kept thinking that I might have to rest for 6-8 weeks like last time I hurt my piriformis. I really hope that doesn't happen. I need to just keep my mind in the present and try to let the rest go.

With stopping for massage and glute activation exercises, I managed to get through the 8K without a significant increase in discomfort. But I was slow. Oh well.

Total time: 7900m (27 laps) in 54:05 for 6:51/km. Geez. Sloooooowwwwww. Oh well. It's better than nothing.

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