Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5K, elliptical; ART

I did 5K this morning on the indoor track. It was OK; nothing special. 17 laps, and stopped at laps 6 and 12 to massage with my torture ball. 4974m in ~32:40 (had a watch error - didn't stop it while I paused when my headphones got unplugged!) which is a bit over 6:30/km (6:35?). Pain level was pretty tolerable, at about 1/10. That's good I guess. Then I did the elliptical for a bit to get in some extra exercise. That doesn't hurt at all :).

Was very happy to get my ART (Active Release Technique) therapy today. I had Derek check for any back involvement and he says there is none. He is impressed by my flexibility (go me!) and says that in general things are pretty darn good. I have some tenderness in my left TFL and a little in my adductors; piriformis is surprisingly not too tender - only in spots - and what seems more tender and bothersome is the sacrotuberous ligament, but just the part near the attachment at the ischium. He was extremely thorough and checked everything out, and said that really my problem isn't too severe, which was a relief to hear. I mean, I guess I knew that on some level because I can still RW without horrible pain, but it's hard to be objective about oneself which is why you have a coach, a PT, an ART person, etc. He also checked my hamstring and pronounced it 100% fine (whew). I made another appointment with him for next Tuesday and will probably keep going on some sort of regular basis for a tune-up until I'm 100%. Even then I think I might go monthly to keep any problems at bay. I must say that it's nice to have someone work on you for an hour, even if it is somewhat painful in a hurts-so-good way. touch base with my coach and make some new plans.

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Harriet said...

Glad you are seeing progress. Hope you are back to pain free training and racing soon!