Thursday, January 28, 2016

game plan; 6K

I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. It's time to take action.

New game plan:

1. Visit sports medicine doc tomorrow at 8:45am (already made the appointment) to get a referral to the run clinic to treat my persistent pain in the butt.
2. Go to Weight Watchers meetings on Saturdays at 10am (that should work for most training, even the longer ones). I have to get my eating back under control.
3. Write a schedule incorporating the yoga for runners DVD as well as some strength training; it'll probably start with my PT exercises when I get them.
4. Already discussed this with Loren and told him if we were going to prioritize going to Perth/Australia on vacation as well as for the WMA competition, then I need his help a bit more around the house so that I have time to train, do PT, Weight Watchers, etc. I am also going to draft a schedule for the kids so that they know when they have to help clean, do dishes, etc. I'm sure they won't like it, but too bad. They are old enough to help out, and last time I checked they wear clothing, eat our food, and dirty the house.

Meanwhile, yesterday I did the elliptical and this morning I did 6K racewalking; forgot to restart my Garmin at a stoplight and lost a few minutes, but I was slow, at just under 7 min/km with ave HR 139. I focused a lot on proper technique. My pain was at most 1/10 so that's good. I'm planning on racewalking again tomorrow morning so that I have recent and detailed info to report to the sports medicine doc on where the pain is. I do feel it's been better this week since taking last week off; of course I've also been taking my anti-inflammatory on a regular basis too. Maybe I should ask the doc for a prescription one again...hmmmm.

I was feeling so motivated and excited about things that I cleaned the fish tank at work :). I hope the feeling of motivation sticks around for a while, but also that as it fades I can still keep my long-term goal in mind.

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