Thursday, April 16, 2015

6x878m .... no, make that 4x878m

Yesterday: sore, sore legs...20 min elliptical and felt better later in the day, but still a bit sore.


This sums up my day so far. Work has been extraordinarily frustrating - a major FAIL kind of day.

My workout wasn't much better. Do I, or don't I? Do I, or don't I? Was supposed to do 6 x 878m intervals on the indoor track.

I woke feeling still a little sore - maybe some of the weird soreness? If it was the weird soreness, it wasn't a lot, because it was hard to tell for sure what the discomfort was; glute discomfort mostly.

Hit the indoor track because outside it was snowy. I guess I could've done the street but wasn't sure it would be dry enough and it was cold enough to be icy; besides, in April I am not in the mood to brave the cold any more.

Did my warm-up and almost quit after 2 laps because my left rear ankle (maybe Achilles?) was feeling uncomfortable/painful. However, that settled down and didn't bother me again. My warm-up was slow and felt awkward but by the 4th lap it felt better and my strides felt good on the straightaways, so I figured I'd at least give the intervals a try. But I was SO very anxious about my glute pain and was unsure of what to do.

Did the first interval and it was slow at 5:09.4, but my HR was low and I felt like I was getting going, so I figured I could do one more. After the first lap of the second interval I was having an internal debate as to whether I should do more, and messed up my watch and then had to go back to the start line, so my HR went down a bit and the timing was messed up. I finished the interval anyway, and it was 5:00.2 but I think that is not quite right (it was probably a few sec slower). I was feeling better by now and decided to do more. I did two more, and after the 4th one (passed some undergraduate runners, female, and heard them whispering surprise at my walking speed...always fun!) my legs were feeling tired and I was getting more and more afraid to push, even though I was getting faster - the next two were 5:03.0 and 4:59.2. The 4:59.2 corresponds to a 5:41 for 1000m if I have calculated it correctly, so that is pretty good.

I'm not sure I did the right thing stopping. I sat a lot this morning (mounting slides, confocal) and my legs are doing OK. Some stiffness and soreness but don't think it's the weird soreness. Again, hard to tell, so darn it, I feel I have to be cautious. I just wish I knew if I was better, so I could push really hard and not worry about whether I should have or not. I think I had 2 more intervals in me, but with a 1/2 marathon on Saturday maybe it was better to stop like I did?

Garmin data here.

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