Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Today I had 10K on the agenda. It ended up being a little challenging to fit it in; in brief, I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep for 2 hr, so I ended up sleeping past my alarm :(. Then I had to get to work, and the only time I had to work out was after I dropped Grace of at art class at 4:30pm.

Unfortunately for me, the weather was perfect this morning, but by this afternoon, it was scary windy (seriously...trees down and stuff) and raining mud on my car. Yeah. Great. I drove up to the U and did the 10K on the indoor track. I discovered the hard way that staff takes any items of clothing left anywhere but inside the cubbies (annoying! not posted on signs or anything!), and had to go hunting for my jacket with my car key in the pocket so I could get home. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to overzealous staff with petty rules in the new facility.

The workout went OK. My legs felt a lot better this afternoon than they did this morning, so I'm glad I did it this afternoon, but my stomach got really grumpy about 6-7km into the workout and it was unpleasant for the last part. It just HURT a lot, non-specifically, and it wasn't lower GI. It's harder for me to work out in the afternoon since I'm used to working out on an empty stomach, and obviously in the afternoon you can't do that very well. My legs also were tired and achy-ish the last 2-3km; I don't think it was the weird soreness but not 100% sure as they are still hurting a bit from the bike ride on Sunday. I'll know more later tonight if they are bothering me.

Time-wise, I was pretty fast, and was pleased with how things went. I did 34 laps (292.608m per lap) for 9.95km in 1:02:41, which is 6:18/km. That's pretty good for the day after a track workout that trashed my legs after a bike ride that trashed my legs. I'll take it.

I'm not feeling that great now, though. My Raynaud's phenomenon kicked in after I drove home and stopped to get dinner for the family in my wet clothes, in the snow :(. Yup. The rain changed to snow, and so now it is snowing (oh yay). Photo at left is of the snow on campus just outside the Student Life Center (the gym).

My stomach is still a bit off and I just want to lie down and do nothing. Not sure that's possible given family constraints but I'm going to try!

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