Tuesday, April 28, 2015

8K + 5x200 @85%

My legs felt decent today after yesterday's 10K kickdown. Not perfect, but definitely not trashed either. The weather was lovely, so it was a bit easier to get out there this morning. It was 6.1C (43F) and sunny and clear. The sun is coming up earlier, so it's not really dark at all when I go out now; I just used my flashing reflective vest as a precaution because it wasn't all the way light yet either.

The 8K was pretty unremarkable; my legs felt pretty much fine though they were a bit tired in the last km uphill. I did 6:28/km for 51:45 with ave HR 146. Then I was to do 5x200m. I tied up the dog to a telephone pole after the first one, because she doesn't really like to do intervals (ha! neither do I!). I tried to not push too hard on these, going hard until my legs were a bit tired and then pushing moderately hard to the finish. That seemed to work OK. Total for the 5x200m was 5:23. Not fast...but fine I guess? The point is to get my legs moving and try to get my few remaining fast-twitch muscles to do something :).

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