Thursday, April 09, 2015

cross-training; 5x1km

Yesterday: cross-training; I did 30 min elliptical. My legs were sooooooooo very tired. Seriously - walking up the stairs I could tell they were ready for a break, and I was very glad I had cross-training. 30 min on the elliptical was plenty, as they were whining most of that time. I did enjoy reading my book on my kindle, but was counting down the minutes until I'd be done all the same. I was glad for the cross-training because of the weather, too - it snowed most of the day up at work (which is at 5000ft vs my house at 4350 ft), and an inside workout was nice :).

Today: 5x1km. Nice weather: 3.9C (40F) and 10kph (6mph) breeze. My legs were still a little tired but I basically felt ready to roll; my warm-up felt a little awkward, as did my first 1km, but after that I felt smoother and pretty good. At least I felt awake this morning - I fell asleep at 9pm last night and slept until 6am. Ahhhh.

I wasn't sure how the workout would go today, especially after my first 1km, which didn't feel too good and was a little slow at 5:46.3 (not really slow, but my first 1km was much faster last week). However, the subsequent intervals were better: 5:42.3, 5:42.9, 5:43.1, and well, then I was tired, so 5:47.0. My HR was nice and high, but not weirdly high or anything; max 171 and averaging upper 160s for the last 500s in each km. Oh, and my total time was 2 seconds faster than last week, at 28:41.6. I'll take it.

Garmin data here. 

I felt really good after the workout - nice endorphin rush. Plus, my legs have felt good all day, just requiring a little stretching during my 90-min confocal microscopy session. In addition, I have some confidence after my 2nd speed workout this week, even if the first one was slow and not so great. If I recover well, then things are good :). Tomorrow and Saturday will tell the tale - 6K plus 5x200s tomorrow and 15K on Saturday.

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