Friday, April 24, 2015

5x878m; making progress

I'm not the fastest person around by a long shot, but I'm able to train again, and I'm improving. I'm feeling very content right now :).

I stayed up too late last night (self-inflicted - music stuff!) and so I didn't get out of bed early enough to go to the track before the kids had to go off to school. I ended up going up to the U and planned to use the outdoor track there, after leaving my stuff in a locker in the Student Life Center (gym) next to the track. I walked over to the track, and the weather was gorgeous (~50F? 55?), but I was dismayed to see that the track team has put up barricades so that the public cannot use lanes 1-3. Arrrrrgh! There are about 6-8 of them around the track, making it impossible to use those lanes. I understand that they want to keep the track nice, but the hours are already SO limited (7am-noon M-F) and so I just don't get it. It's not like the track was getting super heavy use. I was VERY annoyed. I calculated (online calculator at that in lane 4 it would be 2.38 laps per km, and in my irritated state it did NOT occur to me that that wouldn't be too hard to figure out as I could just do 100m less in lane 4 and I'd only be off my 1kms by 20m. Oh well. I just went back inside and did the workout on the indoor track, which ended up being fine.

I warmed up for 5 laps (292.6m/lap) and on the last lap did strides. Did some dynamic stretching and then I got going. My legs felt well-recovered from Wednesday's 12k, as I only did 20 min elliptical yesterday. I felt GOOD and STRONG today, and did the workout just fine, thank you very much! My interval times were 5:00.1 (5:41.8 is the 1km equivalent), 4:59.7 (5:41.3), 4:58.7 (5:40.2), 4:59.3 (5:40.9), and 5:00.4 (5:42.1). I was a bit tired on that last one, and even though I pushed hard there was no faster gear, so it was just right to do 5 (vs 6, or more...). 5K equivalent would be 28:26, which is still slow but getting faster :). I was very proud that the intervals were so consistent, with less than 2 seconds between my slowest and fastest intervals. 

Oh, and one nice thing about the indoor intervals? I could go out on the balcony (at left, along with a picture of the facility from the outside - it's beautiful!) and cool off in between. I had 2 min rest between each interval and I walked on the balcony and got a drink of water between each one. Not bad. The track would've been nicer, but... well... next time I'll be prepared for a lane 4 workout. 

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