Friday, April 10, 2015

6km and 5x200@85%

I love it when a workout is just routine and ordinary, especially given the events of the last two years. This morning was like that - just ordinary, although it was a beautiful spring morning and it was great to be outside. I woke up feeling refreshed, meaning I actually went to bed on time :). The weather was great, at 3.9C (40F) with 11kph (7mph) breeze. Clear skies, but it was still a bit dark when I got started, though even that is improving as we get farther into spring. 

My 6K was pretty uneventful, as my legs felt recovered from yesterday's track workout and did just fine. I finished it in 38:45 for 6:27/km with ave HR 145. Then I had some 200s to do at 85% effort. Well, I'm not sure it was really 85% effort, but it wasn't 100%. I started off quickly on each one, and as I tired a little I eased up so that it felt like an overall 85% effort. It was what worked for me today :). I did the 200s in 5:15, so they were about 1:03 each, and my HR was about 160 at the end of each one. 

My legs felt very good afterward, invigorated and not tired. I think 15K tomorrow should go just fine...I hope. I'm so pleased that things are improving. I'm almost daring to hope about doing longer distances for fall races, but trying not to get ahead of myself. Let's just take one step at a time. This week: 5 workouts, 2 speed, and one long. Haven't done that in a while. Let's get it done and see what's next.

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