Sunday, March 22, 2015

sorta rest day :)

I went hiking today with the kids. Not hard, but my muscles are definitely sore from the race yesterday and so I definitely noticed the activity. But I'm a believer in working sore muscles just a bit - it actually seems to help ease the soreness if you hit the sweet spot. The 4-hr car ride home after the hike? Well, that, not so much...I drove my friend Diane home in her car (hubby drove our car home) because she fell at mile 7 and broke her nose, and really wasn't in good condition to drive. But there's none of the weird soreness, or very very little, so I'm not too concerned.

Other than the 3 mile (5km) hike and the drive, I rested. So, it was a sorta rest day :).

My coach actually gave me a schedule for TWO weeks. He hasn't done that in a long time, because I was too unpredictable. Here's hoping I can do it, and that things continue to go well. I'm pasting the schedule here in case I need the reference.

x-train tomorrow, 6km + 5 x 85% effort 200s tuesday, fartlek wed, 5 x 1km fri, 12km sat

the next week:
Mon 10km Tues 5 x 1km Thurs 8km fartlek Fri 6km + 5 x 85% effort 200s Sat 16km

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