Tuesday, March 03, 2015

5K fartlek

I wasn't sure this workout would happen. Last night at dinner and in the evening, I could barely lift my legs to cross them while sitting. My hip flexors were SO SO SO sore from x-c skiing. It was worth it, though!

This morning my legs still hurt, though not as much. I went to the indoor track at the new Student Life Center at the U, because we had a couple inches of snow and more forecast. The snow wasn't sticking that much to the roads and track just yet, but it was supposed to, and besides, I had been wanting to try the track out for some speed work. In addition, I didn't want to be cold. The only problem was parking...the meters by the building were all full, of course, but I lucked out and scored one about 5 minutes' walk down the street. Perfect.

When I got up to the track (it's on the top floor) I warmed up. After 3 laps not managing to crack a 6:30/km pace, and legs that hurt every step, I thought maybe today wouldn't be my day to do this. But I tried a 4th and 5th lap (292.608m/lap) and sprinted the 5th lap in 1:44, and decided maybe I could do it after all. I did really want to do the workout, and didn't want to have to postpone it.

I felt better during the fartlek, forgetting the leg pain a bit in favor of the pain of hard exertion; my piriformis acted up a bit, too, but I focused hard on technique to try and use the proper muscles. No weird soreness resulted today, and afterward I felt fine except for needing a good massage for the left piriformis.

Jim said to alternate 2 laps fast/2 laps medium for 16 laps and then to do the last lap fast to make 4974.3m total (17 laps). My splits were: 1:39.3, 1:42.3, 1:47.4, 1:49, 1:42.1, 1:44.9, 1:47.3, 1:52.3, 1:43.9, 1:45.6, 1:52.7, 1:51.8, 1:44.7, 1:45.9, 1:53.0, 1:52.4, 1:42.7. Total time was 30:17, which works out to 30:26 for a full 5K fartlek. Slow...but... I'm happy with it anyway, because 1) first 5K fartlek in a while, 2) my legs were very sore and I did it!, 3) I can only improve on that later, 4) I got in 30 minutes of good speed work, and I need more speed work if I'm going to get faster.

Grace is demanding my attention so I must go :).

Garmin data here. 

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