Thursday, March 05, 2015

8km and 3x200m

My legs felt great this morning. Seriously! And even after the 8km they felt really good - no problems at all. I wasn't fast, but then, I was just taking it *really* easy, and didn't care. It was nice to be out; though it was cold at -2.8C or 27F, it was clear and calm and pleasant.

The 8km was unremarkable. Sugar and I enjoyed our walk, and in Liberty Park someone said, "Hi Tammy!" and I'm not sure who it was - it was a guy, and he had blonde hair, but I didn't recognize him as I barely got a quick glimpse of him. Well, maybe he'll identify himself later.

Total time 52:20 for 6:32/km with ave HR 144. Garmin data here. 

Then 3x200m sprints, and I felt decent on these too. I have a bit more leg speed than last time I tried these; last time was pathetically slow and this time was merely a bit slow. Total time for the 3x200m was 3:08.5, which isn't bad after doing 8km slow. Garmin data here. 

My broken toe is a lot better but still whines now and then. It whined a lot after my 14km a couple weeks ago in San Diego, and now and then this week it's been a bit painful, but it's clearly improving. I can wear shoes that are NOT sneakers now to work!

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