Monday, March 30, 2015

elliptical; 6K and done

Sunday: 10 min racewalking on the track and I knew I was NOT going to do a track workout. Legs were heavy and I didn't feel good. So later, I did 30 min elliptical.

Today: I am feeling better today than yesterday, but when I went out for a racewalk, it was clear that I am not fully recovered. I planned on 8-10k depending on how I felt, but by 2km I could see that my heart rate was pretty high for what I was doing, and I knew that 8km might not be the wisest. I'm glad I turned back for home, because by 5k I was done, and by 6k I was really done! NO weird soreness, though - yay! Just tired legs and hard to breathe. I've had sinus issues all weekend and runny nose, along with headache, sore throat, and fatigue.

Total: 6km in 39:18 for 6:33/km with ave HR 155 (!high! obviously still not feeling good!)

It's an improvement that I could RW today, but clearly things are not normal yet. Tomorrow I will try a fartlek and see how it goes, unless I wake feeling worse. I will plan on just trying for 5K, and going longer IF and only if I feel good. And I'll bail altogether if I feel bad.

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