Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Feeling much better! 5K fartlek.

My left leg is feeling SO much better today. I woke up and knew it would be OK to do some speed work. Still having a bit of trouble getting out of bed early since the time change on Sunday (ughhhh hate going to Daylight Savings), but it was a little better today. All the same, I got to the track a bit later than I planned on, so I only did a 1200m warm-up with strides, in 7:29. It was gorgeous weather at 7.2C or 49F - a warm morning for March, and just a little breezy, and no snow on the ground so I could use the outdoor track. Yay!

I started my 5K fartlek and my legs felt really good, but I was slow. My first 500m was 2:53 but my second only 2:58. SO ANNOYING. I mean, I know I should be focusing on how happy I am that I can train again (I am) but I am also frustrated with how long it's taking to get back in shape. I know I need to do more speed work to see more improvement, and that has been necessarily slow in coming, but it is still frustrating to see very little improvement. My other "fast" intervals were faster, at 2:56-2:57, but still... that's a joke. I used to do my medium effort intervals at 2:57 when I was in good shape.

Well, at least I didn't get slower this week. I was 30:25 for the whole 5K (that is so embarrassingly slow.....) with ave HR 160 (working hard enough!), one second faster than last week. Still, that is just NOT OK. But it has to be, for now. I was worrying a bit when I left the track that I will never get back in good shape. I don't really think that is true, but I did think about it for a few minutes. Consistent training will eventually pay off, but it may be a while. It beats the alternative by a LOT though. So later in the day when I got to work and reflected on things it seemed a lot better.

Garmin data here. 

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