Saturday, March 07, 2015

5K; 18K in Mesquite

Yesterday: 5K easy; all went well. 31:46 for 6:21/km with ave HR 150. Garmin data here. 

Today: 18K in Mesquite, Nevada. My friend Sara and I are taking our annual birthday weekend retreat. Last year we just stayed downtown at the Little America, but this year we decided to get warm and get some sun. So we made the 5-hour pilgrimage to Mesquite, Nevada yesterday, and it's truly lovely here, with a forecast high of 81F today. Ahhhhhhhh.... sitting poolside now with the girls (we brought our daughters Grace and Alle) and blogging with coffee and books at hand. Super.

This morning it was a balmy 52F (11.1C); contrast that with yesterday morning's 30F (-1.1C) and you understand why I'm here. I did my workout in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, and no gloves :). Lovely.

I felt really great for the first few km. Then, at 3.57km, I tripped on a sidewalk crack and fell. Fortunately, other than a few bloodless scrapes, the worst injury was a hamstring pull. My left hamstring at the top got a real good yank and caused me pain at the top for the rest of the walk. Grrrrr. I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish, as it kept tightening up, but I made it OK, and even in a reasonable time. But I know I'd have been faster if not for that. Oh well. I think it should recover fine, but if it needs a little extra time I can always cross-train on Monday. We'll see.

Otherwise, my legs were pretty good through about 13km, when they started to get very tired. I was still able to keep up a good clip, but it was a lot more effort. I was very glad when I finished...whew! Total time was 1:56:59 for 6:30/km with ave HR 149. The terrain had slight ups and downs, especially at the start (downhill) and finish (last km uphill). But all the inclines were slight and ideal for maintaining good RW form.

I took a Gu at 10km and drank 24 oz of water while I was out. By the time I finished it was getting warmer (55F) and I was glad for the water. I'm such a heat wimp! (Nyle, I could never train in the Gold Coast! I'd die!).

Garmin data here. 

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Nyle said...

I love that you feel so warm at 11 me that is freezing. I am so used to training in temps of 25deg plus. But I have yet to do the distances you do. Next weekend I will be attempting a 16km - even at 6am its still 26 degs.
I hope you have been sitting on ice since pulling your up now and really enjoy your birthday. <3