Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Sunday: 5.76 hilly km around SugarHouse park with Calvin! It was so very lovely - 56F (13C) and sunny and a gentle breeze. Awesome. I felt good on the hills, with just some slight bit of the weird soreness during and after. Total time was 37:33 for 6:31/km with ave HR 146.

Garmin data here.

Monday: rode my bike to work. That was all.

Tuesday: 6K around Liberty Park with the dog. Nice morning --- warmer than Sunday, at 68F (20C), but with a slight breeze I wasn't too hot. I was quite sweaty when I finished and enjoyed a quick cool shower though. My legs felt decent again today - some weird soreness from 3.5km on, and some later in the day, but not too bad. I wish it would just go away, but at least at this level don't mind it terribly too much. Total time was 38:20 for 6:23/km with ave HR 148.

Garmin data here.

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