Wednesday, June 25, 2014

cross-training; 3K fartlek

Yesterday: 30 min elliptical; ride bike to work


Today: in a hurry to blog! Weather was warm (for me); a bit too warm at 67F (19.4C) and humidish. My legs felt heavy on 1600m warm-up (with strides). Not awful but a bit heavy, for whatever reason. Still did the 3K fartlek and had no weird soreness but my time was definitely slow and legs were tired. Calvin came along and ran with me for part of it and cheered me on for part of it "You can do it Mommy! You are awesome! I love you so much Mommy!" That was the best part :). I love my boy!!!!!!

Total time was 18:03. Yup, slow… and medium intervals were 3:10 and 3:12 - shows you how crappy my fitness is right now. The fast (haha not fast) intervals were 2:53-2:56, which is not great but beats not being able to do the workout.

Garmin data here. 

After the workout I showered and then rode my bike to work. Legs were OK with that, believe it or not. Maybe I'm getting used to it?

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