Sunday, June 15, 2014

rest day; 8K

Yesterday: rest day. I didn't sleep well Friday night, and had a garage sale early Saturday morning. I was wiped, and still not 100% over the bug from the week.


Today: 8K with Calvin and the dog! Calvin wasn't sure he could go that far, but I knew he could, and encouraged him. He could easily have done 10K. For that matter, I felt I could have done more if I'd had to. I am probably ready for 10K next weekend, assuming that I continue to get over my cold. I only hacked and coughed a little bit today while we were out. I felt quite decent, and the weather was lovely - about 57F (13ish C) and overcast with the occasional raindrop, which couldn't even be called a light drizzle.

Otherwise, my walk went well today. I had very little (none?) of the weird soreness, and no problems at all afterward, even with sitting at the piano and organ at church for an extended period. I feel I'm on the mend. From what, I have no idea, but I am glad I'm feeling better.

Now training begins in earnest for Portland-to-Coast in late August, assuming that I continue to feel well. With that comes a renewed focus on eating well :). Day 2 and holding strong on that front. Gotta start somewhere…and I have a ways to go now, due to forced inactivity and comfort eating. I started off well last week but the illness got me down and I had low resistance. Sigh. Now that the cold is almost gone I feel stronger and hopefully will have a bit more willpower to deal with all of it.

Oh, and my total for today's walk? An average (for me lately) 6:27/km for the 8K for a total of 51:35 with ave HR 145.

Garmin data here.

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