Saturday, May 31, 2014


I am still struggling with my mood and my eating, and felt when I woke up that I was just in a downward spiral. As usual, a good racewalk made my mood improve, but I'm still concerned. I need to turn things around somehow. A burst of activity today seems to have helped. Cleaning up the house and garage and getting rid of some furniture and other stuff we don't need has improved my mood a bit for sure, but it doesn't seem to take much to cause it to spiral down again these days.

Anyway, about my walk. It went pretty well! I was surprised. I took the dog (as usual these days - she is good company and LOVES the exercise, and is well-behaved) and went to Liberty Park, where a lot of people were out enjoying the warm summer morning. It was 75F (24C) and sunny with a breeze, and I didn't feel too warm with the nice low humidity (25%), which is typical for here in the summer. Love it.

My legs felt decent today. I had some weird soreness from 3K on, but it never got bad and didn't seem to impact my walk much. I worked really hard on my posture (after seeing a video from the first lap of the 15K I knew I had to work on it) and could tell from my shadow that I was doing well. I also worked on using my hips more and it all felt good. Hopefully after all this is over at least my technique will be better?

I stopped at 6K-ish for a drink for me and the dog, and then just before 7K for an extended romp for the dog in the dog park (about 10 minutes). Then I hit the road again on the slight uphill return.

Total time was 51:18 for 6:25/km with ave HR 149.

Garmin data here.


I've been eating gluten again for 10 days now, and aside from definitely noticing some digestive differences (won't go into detail - TMI!), I don't feel much different. Maybe a bit more tired? But it's not obvious. It might take several weeks to notice a shift. Regardless, I need to keep eating gluten for at least 10 more days, until my blood work on June 10th.

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