Saturday, June 28, 2014


Yesterday: 25 min elliptical; bike to work and back.


Today: 10K again! Yay! I felt GOOD today, and the weather was wonderful, and it was just a lovely outing. Add to that being super busy today, and I have managed quite well. I am definitely feeling so much better than in late April/early May. I made it to the bike shop, up to work briefly, then home to prep for a birthday party for Grace. After the party, I taught a piano lesson and cleaned up a bit. Now I'm going to take the kids to the park, as we also have my friend Sarah's kids AND another friend's 2 1/2 year old. Whew! But I'm feeling OK, and so I have the energy to do it, I think :).

More details on my 10K:

Weather was great, at about 60F (15C) and a slight breeze and sunny. Just right! I love summer. I brought the dog, as usual. I was a bit stiff/off kilter for the first 1km but then settled in just fine and felt good and strong for pretty much the whole walk, though I tired a bit at the end. I felt I could have done another 2km for sure, though maybe not very fast. Still, I'm confident that we can continue to very gradually and carefully increase my mileage and speed work.

Total: 1:03:24 for 6:20/km with ave HR 151. Nice and fast compared to last week! :)

Garmin data here.

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