Thursday, June 26, 2014


I haven't done two days in a row of racewalking in a while, but both my coach and I thought I was ready to give it a shot. He said not to worry too much about times right now, which I think is good advice. Just get the workouts done and as I get stronger we'll focus more on time.

All the same, I was hoping I wouldn't have too embarrassing of an outing today. I knew I'd be a bit tired from the fartlek and bicycling, so I was apprehensive. Despite that, it went decently.

It was very warm (bizarrely warm, even for a summer morning) here this morning at 78F (25.5C), with cloud cover and a bit of humidity too. Blechhh. Calvin went with me and even he was sweaty when we finished (and he never seems to break a sweat!).

I enjoyed having Calvin's company again today. A mom could get spoiled by this! I am thrilled that he likes to run so much, and that he's willing to run slowly so he can go with me. Yeah, he runs a lot faster than I racewalk (his PR in the 1500m is 6:26 at age 9! proud mommy!), but he does respect racewalking. He tried it once for a short distance, and when he could not even come close to keeping up with me he realized how hard it is, so he never gives me too much grief about going slowly. Of course, we also brought along Sugar (the dog), and she is great company too.

I was glad for the company, because I definitely had some heaviness in my legs today. No weird soreness at all (yay!!!!) but I am not used to back-to-back training days yet.

I was slower than I'd like to be, but it was not a death march by any means. My total time for the 6K was 39:13 for 6:32/km with ave HR 144.

Garmin data here.

Oh, and I am using a new pair of New Balance 1400s (my current favorite shoe). I should take a photo to post. They feel just like my old pair - go figure, since those were also New Balance 1400s ;).

Calvin and I did bicycle to Club U this morning, but we took it very easy and I parked my bike and took the bus up the hill to work. I wanted to ride my bike, but I also decided that today it was better not to push things in the interest of caution on my first back-to-back workout in a while.

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