Friday, June 13, 2014

6K; cross-training

Yesterday I woke up and felt lousy. I am still getting over this virus, and I didn't want to move; in addition, I was grouchy and irritable about the Celiac's disease test results and some other things. I got on Facebook to touch base with my coach, and he told me to go for a walk, because I'd feel better. On the surface that seems pretty obvious, but I didn't think of it because I was too busy wallowing in my own garbage. Yeah. Sometimes you need a coach to remind you of the obvious.

So I went for a walk, and guess what? I did feel better. All day. Seriously, if they could bottle exercise and sell it like a pill, people would pay billions for it. But there is that energy of activation that one has to overcome to get out there, and for some reason it keeps people from trying it. It kept me a couch potato for 35 years. Now I know better, most of the time, but I still needed my coach to give me a kick in the seat of the pants yesterday.

My walk wasn't spectacular, but I felt lots better than Monday's 5K, and was a little faster. I did the 6K in 39:12 for 6:32/km with ave HR 141. I coughed a lot about every km, clearing crap out of my lungs, but otherwise felt OK. No weird soreness during or after my workout.

Garmin data here.

I am so glad it's summer and that it's light in the morning when I walk, and that it's warm. Otherwise this would be a lot harder.


This morning I felt sluggish again. I dragged myself to the gym, remembering yesterday that exercise helped. I did 30 min on the elliptical and it went really well - I did more than my usual mileage in the 30 min on that machine, so I figure this means my virus isn't so awful any more. However, after that I rode my bike to work, and by the time I arrived I was sorta trashed, so maybe I still need to take it easy? I'm hoping I'll feel better yet tomorrow. Not sure if I will RW a longer distance or not - am helping some friends with a garage sale, and we might have to get up really early, so I might put off a longer walk until Sunday? Just not sure.

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