Thursday, June 05, 2014

workouts and some random thoughts

Yesterday: I felt fatigued and my muscles were a bit "off". I've not been sleeping as much as I should have this week, because my brother has been visiting and we've had a lot of family activities on top of the usual busyness. Lack of sleep could be the culprit, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's not the only problem. So I decided to just do 20 min stationary bike, plus I rode with the kids to Club U for the first day of summer camp.

We pretty much have to ride our bikes, because I didn't buy a parking permit this year, and the bus is $10 per day for both kids, which is completely ridiculous. I can get a summer bus pass for each of them for $99, but let's face it: we are all healthier if we ride our bikes, and it's not that far. It is uphill, but not as much as to my work, and I think once they are used to it that it'll be fine. Yesterday, Grace had a TOTAL MELTDOWN!!! while we were riding there. She was tired, and her legs hurt, and she was miserable, and wanted to make us miserable as well. In her defense, she'd just gotten over a week of illness, so she probably was weaker than normal. It was a bad mommy moment for me, and a bad moment for her, and probably best forgotten. She was much better today.

After dropping them at camp, I rode up the very steep hill to work, and felt OK. My legs were a bit tired and sore the rest of the day but nothing dreadful. Just noticeable.

Today: Woke feeling unrefreshed and sleep-deprived; I got 7 hours but I know that's not enough right now. I was to do a 2K fartlek at the track, and in my sleep-deprived brain I just "knew" that was 400m laps - 2 hard, 1 easy, 1 hard, 1 easy, 1 hard. Uhhhh, nope! That would be 2.4km, not 2km. I didn't figure it out until my last hard lap, when I realized my time was going to be over 14 minutes. Then I did the calculation and realized that my plan was for 6 laps. Oops!

Backing up a bit, I did an easy warm-up with 100m strides for a total of 1.2km (shortened a bit from my usual 1.6km warm-up). I felt lousy on the warm-up and was pretty slow, doing 6:30/km even with the strides. My legs just felt heavy and a bit sore. I decided I could do a 2K fartlek anyway, and I managed to get through it pretty well other than that I had a bit of the weird soreness, very heavy legs, and I was slower than sludge. Oddly, I didn't feel too bad about this. I am sort of happy - I am hoping this means that I'm relapsing a bit and that perhaps it is due to gluten. I would be SO very very thrilled right now if it was Celiac's disease, because I can do something to fix that! Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I just want to feel better SO badly.

I've been in a bit of an eating slump because I have to eat gluten right now … and so I keep choosing crappy food (I know this is really just an excuse…gluten or no gluten, I can make better choices). Add in being tired, feeling like there isn't anything to train for (WRONG since I am doing Portland-to-Coast in August), and general malaise/moderate depression, and it's a recipe for crappy eating. I am really looking forward to getting the results of my blood tests late next week, so that I can re-jigger my eating and get a fresh start.

Back to my workout --- lap times:
2:19.3, 2:24.0 (both fast); 2:31.7 (medium); 2:22.0 (fast); 2:32.1 (medium); 2:20.1 (fast). My fasts are slower than my healthy 10K race pace :(. Ugh. Embarrassing. Ave HR only 152; max only 164. My legs were the limiting factor today - as I said, they felt heavy and a bit sore.

Recover tomorrow, then 8K on Saturday if I'm up to it. I hope I am. And I also hope I'm not, if it means I'm relapsing from gluten.

Garmin data here.

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