Tuesday, June 17, 2014

cross-training; 3K fartlek

Yesterday I cross-trained. Did 30 min elliptical and then rode my bike with the kids to summer camp and rode on up to work from there. That's a huge hill…but I'm getting used to it.

My shins were a bit sore from Sunday's 8K, so I knew cross-training was the best option. Geez, when your shins get sore you know you are seriously out of shape as a racewalker. Sigh...

I'm finally almost over my cold. I'm still coughing a little but even that's a lot better.


This morning I wanted to racewalk. My shins were still a bit sore, but were feeling a little better than last night so I figured I was good to go, and besides, it's just the regular muscle soreness, which needn't keep one from doing anything. I knew I wanted to do some speed work this week, and so I thought today would be a good day to try.

I was surprised at the temperature - we had a cold front come through last night and it was chilly for June. It was only 50F (10C) and was misting very lightly, and calm. I grabbed a jacket for the quick drive to the track and my warm-up.

I did my usual 1600m warm-up, with 2x100m strides on the last 400m, and was pleasantly surprised that I felt decent. The warm-up was a bit slower than when I'm in good shape, at 10:07, but that's still better than it is when I feel lousy.

The track was wet and so I didn't get quite the toe push I would on a dry track, but I doubt it slowed me more than 10 sec over the 3000m. My muscles felt very good today and I was able to actually push my cardiovascular system, which showed its lack of conditioning :(. Arrrgh. I was breathing pretty hard and pushing hard today, and not going that fast for how hard I was working, but at least I could tell that it is only lack of fitness and not anything worse. I had none of the weird muscle soreness either during or after the workout (so far; it's lunch time - I doubt it will get worse).

My time was slow, but not terrible considering my lack of conditioning and the extra 12-15 pounds I'm carrying around (I was 162.0 lb this morning… racing weight is 147-150! In kg that's 73.5 now, vs. 66.6-68.0 for racing weight…bummer, but I have been conscientious about my diet this week and feel a positive direction coming on). It's about where I'd expect to be at this point. Hopefully now I will be able to build back up to where I used to be? Unless I relapse again. But I'm going to try not to worry about that, as it won't accomplish anything.

Total time was 17:50, with ave HR 164 (see, I was working hard!) and max 174. My 500s were 2:50, 2:53, 3:09, 2:56, 3:10, and 2:53. Hopefully coach will be happy with this.

Garmin data here.

I hope I am actually able to start training in earnest now. I'd like to be in decent shape for Portland-to-Coast at the end of August, and I think that's a reasonable goal if I don't relapse, eat right, and train smart.

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