Saturday, August 06, 2011

very easy 10K

I was to do 10K today, easy. Coach Jim said to take it really easy. Like really, really easy. He reminded me I'm training for a marathon, and that right now getting the longer distance out is key. Never mind the times for now - we can increase that later. OK, cool! I like easy. Easy is good.

I obediently went very easy today, and felt pretty darn good. The glutes are sore a bit after the kickdown, mostly in the middle at the bottom, near where the hamstring inserts. Jim says that means I'm probably still not using quite the right glute muscles...grrrr...I'll keep working on it. Anyway, the first super-easy and downhillish 5K was in 31:00. The second 5K, mostly uphillish, was slower (obviously), in about 32:33 for 1:03:33 (6:21/km). That's pretty good considering my average HR was 138 for the whole workout. I seem to be continuing to get fitter :).

Tonight as I write this I'm still a touch sore in the glutes. I have 25K tomorrow, which I'm definitely nervous about given how uncomfortable the 20K was last week. But I'm hopeful this will go better. 1) The weather is better - cooler mornings and less humid, 2) I'm feeling better than I was earlier in the week, and 3) Jim emphasized that time does not matter on these - only going the distance. I ate more carbs today and less fiber, and hopefully that will help w/the GI issues. No dairy today, either.

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