Friday, August 05, 2011

10K kickdown - PR by one second for this workout :)

Yesterday, all I did was 30 min on the elliptical. That was a good move, as I felt really good this morning. The weather echoed my general well-being, at 66F (19C) and nice LOW humidity of about 35%. It felt much cooler than earlier this week because of the lower humidity.

I was to do a 10K kickdown (acceleration workout) in 4x2.5 km splits. Jim told me that it was very important not to push too hard today. He said if I felt lousy to take it really easy, and if I felt good it was OK to go harder but not too hard. I'm so used to training for the short stuff that I have almost forgotten that when training for the marathon you have to do your speed work nice and easy. I like that!

I started off really slow on purpose to ease into it. I did my first 500m in 3:18, but then was feeling good so picked it up to about 3:05-3:10 pace for the rest of the first 2.5km, getting there in 15:45 total, just about 5 sec under my goal time of 15:50 for the first 2.5K. Good. I felt super, and it felt easy. Continuing on, I did the next 2.5K in 15:11, getting to 5K in 30:56 and still feeling really good and easy.

Then it was time for the work to begin. I pushed comfortably hard for the next 2.5K, and got there in 15:01, for 45:57. I was getting a little tired now, and my glutes were starting to complain, but I still felt well within myself. I kicked it up a notch and did the next two 500s in 2:50 and 2:51, and though I was pushing hard, it was not too hard. I did have to slow, doing about 2:55 and 3:00 for the next two in order not to push too much. I finished with a nice fast 2:54 on the downhill for 14:30 for my last 2.5K total. I'm sure if I'd have pushed and done it all-out I could have been at least 10 sec faster, but it wasn't needed, and I'm glad I didn't. My max HR was 168, and the average on the two last splits was 167 and 166, so there was a little left there.

A few hours later, I still feel pretty good. I am now relaxing in the downtown library while waiting for my car to get fixed (A/C knob got pushed into the dash by my laptop bag smacking into it, believe it or not...grrrrrrrrr not a cheap repair....). I biked over here and will have to bike back (gentle uphill) so hopefully that will keep me from stiffening up too much.

Total time: 60:28, ave HR 152, ave pace 6:03/km. And yes, it was a PR by one second. When Jim was here, on 6/28, I did 60:29 for this workout, and it hurt a LOT more than it did today. I'll take that as a good sign that things are going well :).

Garmin connect data here.

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