Sunday, August 28, 2011

32K again

The weather was not cooperative this morning. I'd rather have it like this than a snowstorm, but it still wasn't ideal. It was about 72F (22C) and extremely humid this morning at 5:25am at the Jordan River Trail. When I say extremely humid, I mean it. It was literally FOGGY, and I could see my breath. UGH. And as the morning progressed, it got warmer of course. By the time I had done 16K (10 miles), it was 76F (24.4C), and it was 78F (25.6C) when I finished. I was sweating unbelievable amounts - my clothing was soaked through by the time I finished. In addition, I chafed in places I have never chafed before, and never want to chafe again. Fortunately, I had my body glide with me, and applied it liberally and frequently. It helped enormously but didn't completely prevent the chafing. I also drank an enormous amount - 96 ounces (3 lb !!!) and still weighed 1.2 lb less when I got home than before I left. Good thing I drank some zipfizz (electrolyte solution) in addition to water, and ate sports beans with electrolytes, as my body was caked with salt when I got home. Ewwwww. It was nice taking a shower to clean all that off, except for the pain from the chafed areas (yeah, should have put more body glide on before the shower, but I forgot).

Because of the heat, this workout was tougher than last week. I was almost as fast, but my HR was almost 10 beats higher, with an ave of 154. Yeah, I was pushing it. Especially after 20K, I just really wanted to be done and get in my air-conditioned car and come home to take a cold shower. Besides, I have 3 weeks until the race, so I have plenty of time to recover and I think I'll recover quickly enough, since I'm in good shape. By the time I finished though, my legs were pretty much screaming. I slowed down the last 2K but not intentionally. I just had nothing left because of the heat. (Thankfully, the race itself is unlikely to be this hot). Riding home in the car my legs were horribly sore - I could not wait to get out! Now, a few hours later, they are tired and sore but OK; they don't feel worse than normal after a 20-mile walk.

I had one watch "oops" at 28.8K - I stopped my watch for about 20 sec to get a real drink (mostly I drink while walking but once in a while...) and forgot to start it again for what looks to be 58 seconds or so based on the distance when I got back to my car and my pace at the time (about 3:13/500m).

Here are my splits:

5K 31:06
8K 50:09
10K 1:02:36 (31:30 for second 5K)
15K 1:34:30 (31:54 for third 5K)
16K 1:40:55 (50:46 for second 8K)
20K 2:06:40 (31:50 for fourth 5K)
24K 2:31:53 (50:58 for third 8K)
25K 2:38:00 (31:20 for fifth 5K)
27K 2:50:30
30K 3:10:27 (32:27 for sixth 5K...ouch...)
32K 3:22:55 (32:25 for the 5K from 27-32K...yeah, I was hurting; but the last 8K wasn't too bad at 51:02)

Total 3:22:55 for 6:20/km with ave HR 154.

I'm glad this workout is done. It was really tough there at the end. The heat really got to me.

New Garmin forerunner 210 watch thoughts: I like that the satellite actually works :). I like the ease of use and simplicity of buttons, etc. I wish I could see my HR and my time on the same screen; it's a bit annoying to have to push a button to see the HR screen. After 1 hour, the numbers for the seconds are fairly small, and my over-40 eyes can read them but just barely. However, the lap splits are nice and big and that is what's really important. Also, I wish the beep was a bit louder for the auto lap feature. So, I like it for the most part though there are a few annoying issues. Still, not worth paying $80 more for the next model up, especially since it has that touch bezel, which is SOOOOO annoying if you wear gloves 2/3 of the year like I do.

Garmin connect data here.

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Hunca Munca said...

Wow. Sorry you got stuck with the heat. Our 22-miler was similarly hot, but not as humid on Sat. (I think). In fact, it was breezy which I think in retrospect helped because somehow I avoided the chafing. I think I drank record amounts of water on that one too. Anyway, GOOD FOR YOU for getting out there and getting it done! :-)