Wednesday, August 17, 2011

15K and feeling good

Woke up very, very tired despite 7.5 hours of sleep, but the weather was nice (64F, 18C, though 65% humidity) and the workout beckoned to me. I was still a bit sore from yesterday but ready to give the workout a go.

I felt great for the whole workout today. The first 5K was good, as it usually has been, and I was feeling fast and strong, finishing the gentle downhill in 30:49. The part from 6-10K has been trouble for me lately for some reason, and so I was ready to feel crappy at any point, but in fact I didn't. I continued to feel strong and good on this mostly flat part of the route, and got to 10K in 1:02:19 (31:30). The last 5K was a little harder, but not too bad. I did feel a bit tired at around 12K or so, but pushed through it and had a nice finish, getting to 15K (slight uphill) in approximately 1:33:43 (31:24). I say approximately, because Jim called when I was at the stoplight at 700E and 1300S, and I forgot to push stop on my watch. Then I pushed the button when I started up again, but I was actually stopping the watch, not starting it. Oops. I didn't notice for what I guesstimate to be about 0.2km. So, when I got to 14.8K I called it good.

I did this one a bit harder than I've been doing my easy days, because I felt really good. I still kept it relatively easy, but I was definitely working a little bit, which I think was OK given how I felt. I just have 10km tomorrow with 2x10' fast sections, so I think I'll be fine. I'm relieved this workout went so well and am hoping for a good finish to this hard week. Friday I have a 15K kickdown, and on Sunday 32K.

Total time 1:33:43, 6:15/km, ave HR 147.

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