Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Weather: 68F (19C) and 80% humidity. I could do without the humidity, but it beats snow, rain, or ice. And it's cooler here than a lot of places around the country. Still, I was hot by 10K and I'm sure that didn't help.

Workout: I was to do 15K. The first 5K felt great. 5-8K felt OK. After 8K, my legs were heavy and leaden. After 13K, everything hurt, but at least it was only for 2K. My pace slowed to 7:00/km at the very end (up hill slightly, but still...) and I didn't care. I just wanted to be done. I'm glad tomorrow is a cross-training day.

Total time: 1:37:00 for 6:28/km, with ave HR 141. Yeah, my HR was low, so theoretically I could have pushed harder, but my legs were too tired and I just had nothing. Splits: 5K 31:13, 10K 32:28 (1:03:41), 15K 33:19 (1:37:00). Pretty sad. I hope this tiredness passes quickly; best theory I have is that my body is adjusting to the longer mileage which we are piling on in a hurry to get me ready for the marathon. In addition, the weather is warmish. Jim said this might happen, so I'm not too concerned, but just keeping an eye on things.

Garmin connect data here.

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