Tuesday, August 02, 2011

10K fartlek

Weather: 68F (20C) and 80% humidity. Warm, but not too awful.

Mood: Knew this would hurt so not looking forward to it. Legs still sore from 20K plus sore from the weight training I did yesterday (I didn't do any cardio but did do some weight training and some core work).

The track: wet from last night's storm, and I shared it with about 5-6 runners, 3 of whom were doing 800m repeats. I did move aside a few times for them and probably lost a few seconds here and there because of moving to lane 2.

The workout: Yup, it hurt. I started off pretty easy (was so glad I did later...), pushing just moderately hard for the first 5K. I still got to 5K in 29:35, which was decent for taking it easy (only 13 seconds slower than Friday's 5K fartlek). I thought at that point that maybe the workout wouldn't be too awful, but the last 5K was quite difficult, not suprisingly. I tried to avoid pushing too hard, but by 7K it was really hurting and I knew the wheels were falling off. I figured I'd have to push hard to keep my fast intervals under 3 min by that point. Ugh. The last 5 "fast" ones were 2:56-2:59, which is pretty darn slow. Oh well. I knew this one would be tough, and I was slow, but what matters is that I got it done. I pushed harder than I wanted at the end - I hope I have enough reserve to get through 15K tomorrow in good shape.

Total time: 60:24. Ave HR 161. Max 170.

Garmin connect data here.


steph said...

Hey...I am new to racewalking and I have a question. What type of things do you do to get faster? Have you received any tips or drills or advice that you have found to be beneficial? Books or videos? Anything would help. Thanks!

Tammy said...

Hi Steph! thanks for commenting! Glad you visited my blog.

The best book to help you out is probably Dave McGovern's "The Complete Guide to Racewalking" book, which I believe is out of print but available used on amazon.com for about $20. The book "Race Walk Like a Champion" by Jeff Salvage is also a helpful resource, available on amazon also. Dave's website, www.racewalking.org, and Jeff's website, www.racewalk.com contain lots of FREE information and are quite helpful - Jeff's has the most technique stuff/drills/etc. Both Dave and Jeff offer clinics all around the country that you can attend for about $175 for a 3-day weekend. They are worth the money because you can't replace hands-on help when you are new to the sport, unless you have a local club (you don't say where you live) that can help you for free. Here in Salt Lake we have a club and we offer free clinics to club members periodically.

Hope this helps...feel free to comment again with further questions.