Friday, August 12, 2011

12K kickdown - new PR!

I've only done this workout 4 times now, but despite the fact that I took this one a bit easy (i.e. watched my HR and kept it to upper 150s and low 160s on the last hard 3K), I set a new PR by 20 seconds for the workout. The other three were all last year, when I wasn't in quite as good shape as I am now.

The weather was perfect this morning. Slightly warm at 68F (20C) but just beautiful with low humidity. I'm still loving summer. I want it to stay for a nice long time. I'm savoring every bit of gorgeous racewalking weather while it lasts.

The track was uncrowded, though the football team showed up at 6:45 am to practice and I did have to nicely ask them please not to take up the entire lane 1 around the turn (some of them were sitting on the track and they had their stuff all over it). They mostly complied...sort was a bit of dodge 'em around that corner, but they are nice enough to let me work out there so I can't whine too much.

Because in retrospect Tuesday's 10K fartlek was a bit fast, I planned to go slower today to save some energy for my 10K tomorrow and 30K on Sunday. I decided to do 6:30/km pace for the first 3K, then 6:20 for the next 3K, then 6:10, then 6:00. That's slower than I would do if I were training for a 5K or 10K or even 20K, but I'm not training for that and with the abrupt mileage increases I need to be careful about how fast I do my speed work or I will pay for it on the long days. It felt SO easy starting off at 6:30 pace. I didn't quite hold myself to that pace, but close enough; I did about a 6:24/km. The next 3K felt pretty easy too, at 6:17/km; again a little faster than planned, but my heart rate was low and I was feeling good.

I stopped briefly to take a drink at 6K, as I had just brought a water bottle and not my waist pack. It was warm enough that I definitely needed some water. Continuing on, it felt moderately hard for the next 3K. I was definitely pushing a little but not too much, and I completed that 3K at a 6:06/km pace, faster than planned, but well within myself. The last 3K was a moderately hard to hard effort, with 500m splits of 2:59 down to 2:53 (yup, pulled out a 2:53 for the last one). I definitely COULD have gone faster on the last 3K, but I was trying to save myself for the next few workouts. The last 3K was a 5:55/km pace on average. Hopefully that was slow enough so that my 30K on Sunday will not be too miserable!

3K splits:
3K goal 19:30, actual 19:12. Ave HR for 6 x 500m splits ranged from 122-140.
6K goal 19:00, actual 18:51. Ave HR 142-149.
9K goal 18:30, actual 18:17. Ave HR 145-154 (stopped very briefly at 6K for a drink, so HR dropped).
12K goal 18:00, actual 17:45. Ave HR 156-162.

Total time: 1:14:05. Ave HR for whole workout was 147. Garmin connect data here.

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