Saturday, August 20, 2011

trail run

Photos later...this was so fun! I went on a trail run with my high school friend, Glen (who is a Team in Training coach and 2:45 marathoner, and is doing an Ironman next weekend!), and my son Calvin, and some of Glen's TNT buddies. They did 8 miles, but Calvin and I did 6km (just under 4 miles). Awesome! We saw slugs of all kinds, ate amazingly incredible blackberries, and enjoyed our run/power hike/walk. Afterward we all ate lunch at Panera Bread in the Factoria mall near our hotel.

The rest of the day we spent eating lunch on the grass near Alki Beach, wading in the ocean, and going up the Space Needle. Calvin loved all of it! Finally, we had dinner at my aunt & uncle's home in Issaquah. An excellent day.

My butt is still a bit sore but not too bad, so hopefully I'm good to go from 20 miles tomorrow. I have a nice route planned thanks to Glen's help. It's flat, paved, and has lots of restrooms and water if I need them.

Garmin connect data here. Short by 450m because my watch got wonky at the end - it froze up, but seems fine now.

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