Friday, August 19, 2011

15K kickdown

In brief - family obligations calling!

Great workout, nice weather. 55F (12.8C) and overcast. Super nice for a workout.

I was to do a 15K kickdown with splits of 4K, 4K, 3.5K, 3.5K. The route was good in that 99% of it was paved (1% was a gravel path) and no stoplights. There was a good amount of traffic in some areas, but I wasn't on the road so that was good (paved path next to the road). Still, despite the road the scenery was nice around the Mercer Slough - wooded and pretty. I saw a cute rabbit and also some slugs and a good number of runners and cyclists. The part under I-90 was cool - very very pretty, but the highway was above and it was an interesting juxtaposition.

The route was gently rolling hills, so my splits are weird. I ended up mostly going by effort and not time on the watch so much. The last split, for example, was 3:13 - but it was a 2:50-2:55 effort. There was a very steep 30-40m long hill that I actually ran up because it was too steep to racewalk. That was the only hill like that on the route, but of course it was right at the end.

Anyway...splits and I've got to split (hahaha).

4K 25:00
4K 24:48
3.5K 21:04
3.5K 20:45

Total time 1:31:37 for the 15K, for 6:07/km with ave HR 149.

I felt great, and even at the end it was a comfortably hard effort. My foot gave a few small twinges but I really focused on keeping the technique sorted out and I think it's much better today than yesterday. I felt smooth and fast.

Tomorrow is x-training, and then 32K beckons on Sunday!

Garmin connect data here.

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