Friday, April 29, 2016

foot problems; trying to figure things out

Wednesday afternoon: tweaked my foot walking around. Same foot problem I had about 5 years ago, peroneus longus tendonitis at the insertion of the first metatarsal; basically, some pain in the medial side of my foot about midway between heel and toes. Oh yay. I didn't think much of it at the time and didn't even mention it to my coach because I figured it'd feel better in the morning. That was dumb, since it had been bugging me a bit on and off since the Tuesday after the Salt Lake Half Marathon. Just a little pain here and there, nothing serious, mind you, but bugging me all the same.

Yesterday: I was supposed to do a 5K fartlek. Nope. My foot hurt a lot. I drove to the track anyway, and it was raining a bit, and VERY windy. Ridiculously windy. I walked up the steps to the track, and realized I was being very stupid, so I turned around and got back in my car and was quite sad and grousing to myself. Seems like lately it is always something - hamstring getting better, now the foot, and the rain, and the wind, and...

I skipped the workout, went to my PT appointment early and did some elliptical there, plus a whole lot of PT for my foot and some for my hamstring. My PT did the Graston tools on my leg and foot (OUCH!!!!! but good...), and that seems to have helped. It's better today.

Today: I went to the indoor track and did a couple laps. My foot felt OK but my legs were just heavy and dead. I bailed and did the elliptical instead.

It's very hard right now to get over the hump of being injured and not being able to do what I want. I'm afraid to push too hard, yet feel I need to. My PT wants me to back off a bit, though. I want to go to Perth, but more and more it's looking like I'm not going to be able to get into shape. Part of it is real physical limitations right now, but part of it is mental. I can't seem to get myself back in the mental groove to really, really want this. I think a lot of that is that when you have repetitive instances of workouts that are very difficult and feel horrible that it's hard to get motivated to even try them again, and then my real physical limitations crop up and make it worse. It's a vicious cycle and I can't seem to get out.

Otherwise, life is going pretty well, so I am grateful for that, and it makes me feel like putting this all on hold until I can heal up properly might be the right decision? I don't know. Just thinking aloud.

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