Tuesday, May 03, 2016

5K "race", rest day, 8K, cross-training

Saturday: 5K "race" with Calvin - racewalked over to SugarHouse park for the U of U Burn Camp 5K to raise $ for kids with burns to attend summer camp. Calvin was awesome and set a new 5K PR on this hilly course: 23:39! Fast little dude! I walked the dogs, slowly, stopping to pick up a pile that Powder deposited, and stopping another time because she stopped suddenly causing me to tweak my hamstring (it's fine, but I was scared for a bit). My 5K time was about 32:37-ish (~6:30/km) which for a hilly course isn't bad given my current lack of fitness. My foot was hurting a bit before and during but less during and after...typical for tendonitis. Garmin data here. Total distance ~7.5km, and then we walked (slowly, casual walking) home.

Sunday: took a much-needed rest day.

Monday: 6K easy to test out the foot. It felt much better than Saturday, and was merely warm-ish with a slight bit of pain 1/10. My hamstring was likewise mostly not painful but some 1/10 pain. Things seem to be improving. Did the 6K in 39:30 for 6:35/km despite a ridiculously strong wind.

Today: elliptical, which felt fine. Am taking naproxen again to help with the inflammation. Am hoping to do a fartlek tomorrow.

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