Monday, April 11, 2016

rest day; 10K

Yesterday I took a legit rest day. Did absolutely no exercise, not yoga, nothing. Even took a nap! It felt good. I ate well too :).

Today: 10K with Kelly (OK, she did 6.8 with me, then I did the rest with Sugar!) on the JRP. Gorgeous morning. 48F by my car but Garmin says 54F (12.2C). It was nice :). No wind, dark when we started but light when I finished, and the alpenglow on the mountains was awesome. I love living here (when it's not snowing...).

We started off very slowly (7 min km for the first km) but I felt pretty tired and my legs were definitely heavy - though I rested on Sunday, I had done a LOT of heavy duty yard work on Saturday, including digging 6 very large holes for rosebushes and hauling the dirt around, so I'm not surprised my legs were a bit tired to start. I picked up the pace as I went though, and my hamstring did OK. It was also a little sore to start, sometimes 1, often 2/10 pain level, but by the end of the workout it was running 0-1/10 and wasn't bothering me much at all. Whew.

So the summary is: slow but done. The usual lately. 6:40/km for 1:06:48 with ave HR 144.

Some pictures from my walk and also of my tulips :). Spring is here :)!!! (It'll probably snow again, but I need to enjoy the good weather while I can).

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