Wednesday, April 20, 2016

cross-training; 8km with 3x3' bursts

Yesterday: elliptical and LOTS of PT exercises, on my own, at the gym.

Today: 8K with 3x3' bursts. Hamstring was a bit more sore today than it has been, but it wasn't terrible or anything. I think it's fine; it was just a 2/10 during some of the bursts and 1/10 otherwise.

My legs were tired. I wonder if it was the PT? But they weren't dead. Still, my 500s were way slow... 3' fast was 2:56 (OK), 3:01 (ugh) and 3:06 (really ugh). Oh well. I'm getting better slowly. Progress is incremental and all that.

Weather was great :) 9C and sunny with a breeze. Company (Calvin and dogs) was nice too :).

51:53 for the 8K (6:29/km) w/ave HR 147.

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