Thursday, April 14, 2016

slogging along

This week has been +/-.

Monday night: dug up some weeds. Think it aggravated the hammy a bit.

Tuesday morning: elliptical.

Tuesday night: mowed very long grass in yard. Definitely aggravated the hammy a bit.

Wednesday morning: 5K fartlek was the workout. I made it to 3K; legs were heavy, and hammy was more sore than I thought it should be, and I was very slow. Got to 2926m (~3K fartlek on indoor track) in 17:54 and HR was only 157 average. Yeah. Slow. I called it quits, which I think in retrospect was definitely the right call. No sense beating a dead horse. I think it was just a minor setback due to the yard work, because today was better.

Today: 6K on JRP with Kelly and Sugar. Nice weather, 52F (11C) but pretty windy as a storm was blowing in. The first 3K was slower (into the wind) and then the last 3K felt better. Total was 39:59 for 6:39/km ave HR 143. Then I did 5x200m @85%...well, more like a nice hard effort :). Harder than 85%. But I wasn't fast; the fast twitch muscles still need work. I did 5:29 for the km.

Hamstring felt OK the rest of today. Tomorrow is PT and Saturday is the Salt Lake 1/2 marathon. I think it'll be OK for that.

I'm going to have to decide in the next couple months whether to go to Perth or not. Right now it's hard to know if I'll be able to train, so I'm trying not to get discouraged and make a pre-emptive decision. Hopefully things will improve soon or it'll be a no-go.

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