Saturday, April 23, 2016

16K in Dana Point

Yesterday: elliptical/bike at hotel (the recumbent bike was NOT hamstring-friendly, so only did about 7-8 min on it) and LOTS of PT exercises. Calf raises, hip hikes, monster walks with band, planks on all sides, bridges, and NEW unweighted one-legged hamstring dead lifts (eccentric, gently --- if any pain I am to NOT do them, but it felt fine).

Kelly's wedding was great! See pics on Facebook...

Today: 16K along the beach and up a giant hill with Calvin - 8K with Calvin, then 8K alone. Including the giant hill (91 floors on my fitbit! elevation gain 195m on Garmin) I did 6:35/km for the 16K, which is very good IMO. Better yet, pain was mostly ZERO with 1/10 for the last 3-4km. HA! Happy with that. Weather was incredible - in the 50s (12.8C) and with a gentle ocean breeze. Rough life here.

Garmin data here. 

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