Monday, April 18, 2016

Salt Lake Half Marathon - 10th consecutive year! 2007-2016 :)

Yes, this was my first half marathon in 2007, and I've done it every year since, even in 2014 when I walked it in just over 3 hr (slowly!) because I was too sick to go faster. My fastest time was 2:03 and change, before the course got harder 3 years ago; that's still my half marathon PR. This year I was 2:19 and change. I took my time and made sure my hamstring survived OK. The hills on the new course are really tough, and despite that it's a net downhill it is still a very challenging course and I was happy to finish.

My hamstring didn't bother me much - at most it was sometimes a 2/10, but it was 0-1/10 pain level for most of the race. My legs felt strong and good until about the last 2km, when my right leg got very tired and I felt that my hamstring and calf on the right were a bit wobbly/iffy. I probably was compensating for weak/tired/injured left leg, so I have to be careful of that this week. Otherwise, everything was good and I think my recovery is proceeding.

The weather was cold but not windy until after the race (yay!) and it was beautifully clear (yay!). The temps were about 2.2C to start (36F) and about 46-48F at the finish (8-9C).

Garmin data here. 

I'm way tired and trying to get some sleep soon so not gonna write more now - seems like this pretty much sums it up. Photos from the last 10 years:

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