Thursday, January 30, 2014


I'm sick. Not horrible, but not good either. Cold symptoms: sore throat, fatigue, headache, fatigue, and yes, did I say fatigue?

3K fartlek yesterday was out of the question. I barely dragged myself in to work.

Today, 8K was on the table, but I felt iffy. Normally I'd have pushed myself to do it, but I am worried right now about taxing my body too much as I'm recovering from my mystery illness. I feel that caution is warranted right now. So I didn't go. By evening, after working all day, I was quite tired and my sore throat was worse, so I was glad I'd skipped the workout.

I really am getting antsy though, and I'm supposed to meet Lisa at the gym tomorrow, so I think I'll do the elliptical unless I'm feeling worse. I suspect after a good night's sleep I may feel better. I hope.

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