Tuesday, January 28, 2014

rest day, 8K, cross training

Got behind a few days, sorry (haha --- sorry to the 2 people that still read this!).

Sunday: rest day

Monday: 8K. I forgot that I was supposed to do this workout with 3x3' bursts. Somehow that part of the equation left my brain. I have a lot on my mind so it's not surprising.

I worked on my technique, and was slow…still… it's going to be a while. I'm just trying to enjoy the ride now, since I know it's going to be a slow one. I felt OK, though - the weird muscle soreness didn't trouble me, and I only had a bit of residual soreness during my day at work. It's definitely going away, hopefully for good. You'd think that would make me happy (and it does) but it's a struggle not to focus ahead too much and live in the present. I keep remembering what I used to do before I was sick, and I have to let that go and just be present in the here and now. I'm trying to focus on getting stronger and having good technique so I can do the 1/2 marathon with Sarah in March.

Total time: 52:46 for 6:36/km with ave HR 145. Temperature -3C (27F), calm, hazy.

Garmin data here.

Today: 45 min elliptical


I've been pretty anxious lately. Not sure why, but at times it has been almost crippling. I'm somewhat anxiety-prone, but in the last 8-9 years it's generally been much better. Lately, though, it's been hard. Not sure what to attribute it to, but 1) my weight's not budging, 2) RW is tough lately, 3) a friend's husband (only 52yo) died early this month, leaving behind kids close to my kids' age, 4) another friend died last night (ovarian cancer, age 65; not unexpected, but still sad), 5) our elderly dog is ill and probably has cancer - wasting away slowly and looks skeletal - had tests done and not much to do at this point but wait, 6) lots of work stress (new people in lab, lots of projects, now some added time pressure - long story), 7) it's January and the weather is a downer.

In saying this publicly I'm opening myself to well-meaning comments that go awry…so if you are tempted to offer up some platitude, please don't. This is one of these things I just have to get through. Encouragement is welcome. Platitudes…not so much. If you don't know the difference, best not to say anything :).

Much appreciated: a gift card from a friend for Starbucks. Enjoyed 20 min coffee time before I picked up Grace from school today. Ahhhhh.


Strategizing: I need to get in some strength training and Pilates. I like group classes at the gym, but the times are really inconvenient. Finally had the idea to buy DVDs - got a Pilates DVD and a yoga for runners (recommended by my brother, a runner) DVD on the way from amazon. Definitely looking forward to incorporating some of that into my routine. DVDs are not as exciting as a group class, but I can do them when and where I want.


Harriet said...
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Harriet said...

You are in my thoughts Tammy.