Monday, January 13, 2014

8K with 3x3' at 10K pace

I felt mostly recovered this morning. I was looking forward to walking outside, as I couldn't all last week… but guess what? SNOW :(. Just a dusting, but it was VERY slippery. Then I didn't really want to go. It's hard to be motivated at the beginning of training. YES, I'm thrilled I can racewalk again, but it's still tough because I'm afraid of overdoing it, and I'm afraid of the weird pain. Yup. But I didn't let all that stop me this morning (pat on the back).

Indoor track: 37.9 laps. Wheeeeeeeee! I started off well, but around 6K or so my legs really got tired. My first two 3' bursts were decent, but my last one…not so much…it was 6:10ish/km? The first two were under 6' per km, which was good.

Still, it was a decent workout all in all. My time was 50:31 for 6:19/km with ave HR 154. My legs didn't have any of the weird soreness during the workout, but afterward they were bothersome, especially when sitting. It's eased up a bit now (4pm) and hopefully it won't bother me much more today. Tomorrow is x-training.

Garmin data here.

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