Sunday, January 19, 2014

video from yesterday

A few technique videos, taken yesterday 6k into the 12k workout.

Picky things I noticed:
1) Left arm not going back far enough; arms coming a bit too far in front in general.
2) Right leg crossing the midline too far.
3) Right glutes appear a bit weaker, and right knee is drifting in.
4) I'm STILL leaning forward a teeny bit. Dang it.
5) Hips are too tight - not allowing free enough rotation (this is a consequence of #4).

What is good:
1) Knees straight.
2) Good toe-off.
3) Ahhhh, no more RW good stuff, but hey, I look fashionable in the cool Athleta jacket my mom gave me :).
4) Despite having gained weight I don't look too awful. Black tights are good haha.

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