Monday, January 06, 2014

rest day; 8K with 3x3' at 10K pace

Sunday was a rest day. My legs had that weird soreness on Sunday morning, especially when I was sitting playing the piano for rehearsal then sitting in church. Ouch.


This morning my legs were still a bit sore. I drove over to the Olympic Oval for 8K with 3x3' at 10K pace anyway. I went there because 1) my friends Nancy and Bonnie were working out there, and 2) I thought inside and warm sounded nice. It wasn't THAT cold out this morning, but one does get sick of it after a while, and the track at the Oval is SO much nicer than the indoor track at the Field House at the U. How could I resist?

My legs actually felt OK during the workout - they did get heavy and a bit slow the last km or so, but otherwise they were all right. No weird soreness until AFTER I stopped and drove home. Then they bothered me on and off until mid-afternoon. Now they feel OK; fortunately, tomorrow is x-training so they'll get a bit more rest.

Total time was 50:59 for the 8K for 6:21/km with ave HR 153. Yeah, a bit slow, but not too awful. My bursts were 1 lap each of the oval (442m), for 2:34, 2:34, and 2:40 (last one I was tired, clearly!). 2:34 works out to 58 min 10K pace so that's not too bad, actually.

I have a long way to go, and things could still get ugly again. But I'm trying to move forward at least!

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