Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yesterday: elliptical

Today: 12K

I was worried about today, so I enlisted some help. My friend Sue (a runner) came along with me in addition to Stevie. I figured that chatting with Sue and catching up with her would help the time pass, as it's been a while since we've had a chance to run/RW together. It did help. I wasn't fast today, as you might expect, but it wasn't a death march and it felt better than Thursday. I was probably a bit lazy on my technique for the first km or so but then I felt I hit my stride and I worked on a wider stance and keeping my weight back. I felt that was going better - had Stevie watch me and he said it looked better, for what it's worth. Not sure he knows 100% what to look for but I think that he's learning a lot so he's better than no eyes looking!

It was cold and clear (21F, -6C) and the Jordan River Trail was still quite icy in a number of spots (it's been warmer during the day here so ice and snow are gradually melting, though I'm sure we'll get more); it was 95% clear, but there were patches that were not good where we had to pick our way across ice. I tried to stop my watch for most of those but probably missed some, and some were too short to bother with that, slowing our time a bit. I would guess that slowed my time by a minute over the 12K? Who knows for sure.

By 8K I complained to Sue and Stevie that my legs were tired. They weren't trashed, just tired, and I didn't have too much discomfort. I just need to get back in shape! Sue had the goal of running the whole way w/o any walking, as she's been building back up after a short break. I just wanted to finish and work on technique. We did finish, Stevie and I worked on technique, and so it was successful, even if we were slow.

Yesterday I was quite discouraged, but today I'm feeling a little better. My legs had none of the weird soreness during the walk today, and just a little bit afterward. They are still a bit stiff but it's not horrible or anything. I'm really glad that seems to be abating gradually.

Total time: 1:19:46 for 6:39/km with ave HR 145.

Garmin data here.


In other news, I had a good food week but gained 0.4 lb. Sometimes that happens. I am determined to stick with things and turn this around. My determination flags a bit at times because there's a lot going on between work, home, racewalking, etc., but I know there is no choice here. I refuse to go back to the way things were.

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