Thursday, January 09, 2014


Today I was to do 8K, back-to-back after my 3K fartlek yesterday. Even though by my previous standards these are "nothing" workouts, they are not right now, sadly. So I was apprehensive about how my legs would feel.

Turns out they felt fine! I was so relieved. None of the weird pain at all, and a bit of heavy-leggedness at the end (last 1km?) was my only problem. I felt pretty good.

It snowed more, so it was off to the indoor track as the roads were quite slippery. It's supposed to be stormy through Sunday, so it's going to be a lot of indoor work. This morning I had to get to work, so not enough time to drive to the Olympic Oval. The field house at the U is closer and the 211m track beckoned. 37.9 laps should do it!

Like I said above, things went pretty well. My Garmin data is here; I finished in 50:20 for 6:17/km with ave HR was 149, and I stopped twice briefly for a bit of water.

Tomorrow is a cross-training day.

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